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Paola hails from the faraway land of Mexico City, growing up in a household with an odd mixture of languages and cultures influencing the way she views the world. With a passion for film, literature, and most every variant of artistic expression (despite her lack of ability to make visual art herself), she hopes to write personal things that resonate deeply with the experiences of all kinds of individuals.


Being born in Guatemala, raised in Belgium, educated in German has certainly transformed Olivia into what you would call a global citizen. Because of this, she is interested in approaching subjects from a global perspective, making sure no factors are ignored. Olivia believes that our world can work towards a better future if members of society remained informed and educated about pertinent problems and crises, which may sometimes be buried by the overwhelming amount of information presented by mainstream media. This is why she believes in the BRIZO magazine project, delivering sharp opinions to not only educate and inform, but to provoke thought and action.


Hannah is a writer for BRIZO, studying French and Persian at the University of St Andrews. Brought up in a Jewish Anglo-Brazilian household is key to her identity and strongly influences everything that she does. She is passionate about music, art and having a boogie with her friends.


Louise is originally from the Wirral but has, over the past few years, been adopted by both Liverpool and Madrid. Spending time in both pertinently cultural capitals has led Louise to write, perform and even theorise on contemporary world literature- namely poetry- exploring its portrayal of relationships and society in the technological age. Louise will always be found with a coffee, book, and a statement pair of earrings.


Keyona is Iranian-American, and grew up in Qatar. Currently she studies English and adores writing, music, and any creative way to express herself. She loves poetry and finds herself drawn to Victorian and 20th century poets as well as themes of duality, identity, and gender. She is constantly inspired by family and friends (and random fleeting experiences of the everyday).


 Mariana is someone who is always curious and eager to discover new things, whether this be through travel, reading, word of mouth, etc. She loves photography, editing, and all things designing/planning.


Maria is Russian-Canadian, currently studying History and English at the University of St Andrews. She enjoys writing about how spaces impact us and our experiences, and finds inspiration in cooking, music, and theatre.


Ananya is originally from New Delhi, India, currently pursuing Art History and English in St Andrews, Scotland. Her work is inspired by a love for all things old, the natural world, and a fixation on stories. She attempts to look for beauty in what seems like the mundane, every day, through words, photography, and visual arts. You can find her on Instagram at: @ananyajainn or also visit her personal blog at ananyajain.in


Anna has lived in a variety of places including Asia, the Czech Republic, America, England and Scotland, but she would say her home is wherever her family and friends are. She is particularly inspired by music, photography and people.


Amber is currently studying music business at the University of Southern California. She has a passion for music and writing, and when she’s not attending concerts, she’s hiking and backpacking all over California.


Nadia Lee is a writer for BRIZO and an English literature student at the University of St Andrews. A third-generation immigrant from Iran, Nadia grew up with a biracial identity that is the heart of who she is. Her budding passions include but are not limited to literature, environmentalism and the lives of strong women who inspire her (most importantly her mum!)


Honor is a writer for BRIZO, studying Art History & Psychology. She likes walking (whether that be in the fields of Oxfordshire where she lives of along the beach in St. Andrews), always with a book in her bag and a cup of coffee in hand. 


Lizzie is an English student at the University of St. Andrews. She is most inspired by the people around her, and her interests include music, poetry, and yoga. Academically, she is fascinated by modernist and contemporary writers, and examinations of grief, loss, and mental health in poetry.


Ever inquisitive, Jade is a student of English at the Universty of St Andrews who aims to distill a mixture of emotions and perspectives, as well as provoke further thought and exploration, through her writing. She has a passion for storytelling, admires detailed worldbuilding and enjoys filmmaking and DIY projects in her spare time.



Mary Olive, also know as Olivia Yoxall is a writer based in Liverpool. Currently coming to the end of her English (BA) degree at the University of Liverpool, Olivia plans to continue to write and travel once graduating this coming summer. 

Olivia has always expressed a love for music , and has in recent months been exploring music journalism, writing pieces about artists currently based in Liverpool. Her work is influenced by psychedelic, colourful imagery with Hip-Hop and R&B music inspiring the rhyme and rhythm of her spoken word performances. 

Themes of Olivia’s work include feminism, sexual expression, spiritual freedom and humanity. Mental health is incredibly important to Olivia, a great deal of her work drawing upon her own experiences with mental illness. She intends to open up conversations about various social issues and connect to readers in an emotional and genuine way. She believes in the power of human connection and hopes to spread positive and empathetic energy within her writing. 


Lucy is a writer for BRIZO, studying English literature at the University of St Andrews. She is interested in current affairs, environmental concerns, human narratives and why normality is a myth. Lucy is originally from London and can often be found wandering around an art gallery or lost in a book.



Dario Apodaca is an artist currently based in LA doing Design and Media Arts. He has made multiple BRIZO Magazine covers and art pieces. 


Isabella Baxter has been contributing to BRIZO Magazine’s art since the end of 2019. She uploads photography pieces which were taken all over the world, and mainly in her home country, Brazil. You can access her VSCO to take a better look at her art: https://vsco.co/isabellabaxter/gallery  and you can also find her on Instagram: @isabaxter.”


Sarah de Surville is a artist for BRIZO, with a focus on graphic design and photography. She can be found through her instagram: @sdesurville


Sophie is studying art history and modern history at the University of St Andrews but is originally from the Scottish Highlands. Working mostly with watercolours, it is the cultural and scenic beauty of her home which inspires her artwork for BRIZO.


Quinn Fagersten is an artist for BRIZO who focuses on stylistic and cartoon-esque art pieces.


Desiree Finlayson is a full-time artist for BRIZO Magazine, originally from the Bahamas. Her work with watercolours ignite a sense of wonder in her audience and harbour a disposition which artistically conveys her sage wisdom and world-view. 


Kate is studying Modern History at the University of St Andrew’s. She grew up in the fields and woods of Scotland. Her first loves are her knitting and sewing needles, but for Brizo she works mostly with a paint brush or one of her two cameras.


Mafer Martinez is a full-time artist for BRIZO Magazine and currently pursuing art in school.


Tia is a visual artist with a primary focus in painting and digital illustration. She studies English and Art History, and has always been fascinated by the stories that underpin our collective and individual identities. You can see more of her art on her website, tiamerotto.com.


Julie Torres is a full-time artist for BRIZO with a general focus on cartoon style pieces. You can find her art on her instagram account: @itsjuliemoo


Jennifer studies Art History and likes to create art in any medium and any style. 



Caitlin is the Editor in Chief at BRIZO. She studies Modern History and English at the University of St Andrews. Caitlin was born and raised in the green valleys of Wales and consequently has a love for nature, poetry and cultural tradition not only of her own but across the world. Her great loves are writing, Mary Shelley and her three presidential dogs.


Grace is a Deputy Editor at BRIZO and she studies English Literature at the University of St Andrews. Born in Manhattan, Grace grew up in the “boondocks” of New Hampshire before moving to Scotland. Her passions include reading, horses, hiking, and correcting people’s grammar. 



Ally is a Hmong-American from Minnesota and is the daughter of refugees who fled genocide during the Vietnam War. She graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies, double minor in film and media studies and peace studies, and a M.S. in Digital Media Marketing and Audience Strategy.
Ally is passionate about balancing creativity with logistics, the beauty of diversity and culture, social justice and human empathy, the relationship between self-care and skincare, and all things encompassing travel and human stories. Ally also likes film, art, hiking, hammocks, trees, bubble tea, music, anime, and Korean dramas.


INDIGO FULHAM-FITZGERALD Indigo is the social media manager of BRIZO and currently studies History at the University of St. Andrews. Although currently based in Ohio, Indigo has lived in many countries throughout her life and as a consequence adores not only traveling, but learning new things about the world around her. Her highlights of life include curling under a duvet on rainy days, sushi, moving house, and reading.