Some Strange Nights

Some strange nights

I walk beneath 

A full moon

And remove 

My fig leaves,

On silver sand I dance 

In silence,

Ask my mother wind for 


Across an uncertain sea,

Her moon-tide melody 

Calls within water and wave,

She tells me time turns

To the Rise of Empaths, 

To a world led by healers, 

Wound relievers, 

Ego leavers, 

And soul believers. 

Sister, Brother, 

Mother Nature

Has been crying for years, 

Her face is honey-combe 

Caves of fears, 

She tells me to turn

To the poet souls 

With painter hearts,

Find self between 

Berry, beetle, and lark,

Heal her wounds with 

Birdsong balm 

Found in the lullabies left 

In June. 

Some strange nights, 

I walk beneath free skies,

Measuring the stars in years, 

Below full moon, 

I remove

My fig leaves,

And bathe the

Silver sand 

In tears. 

Art by Quinn Fagersten

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