BRIZO Magazine began as a culmination of ideals; some sort of utopia for journalism.

Lately, the media seems too one-sided or untrustworthy, too focused on pop-culture, too westernised, and too saturated with buzzwords and accusatory statements.

Whilst hypothesizing about an ideal platform of news, art, politics, and culture, we decided that instead of daydreaming, we could simply start one ourselves.

BRIZO Magazine is an online and print publication with consistent issue uploads that are split up into four sections.

The objective of BRIZO Magazine is to act as a safe haven for deep thinkers who like to see all sides of a story. It aims to be intellectual and professional while still maintaining a fairly laid back and artistic spirit. This manifests itself in the image of the Magazine as well as the content.

In short, BRIZO Magazine is an intellectual and creative platform with the intention to foster global and thoughtful perspectives.