Homunculus love.
We rattled and spat
up our shapes, hunched
and honey-sunned mountains.

Fucking a tower
of bauble, fervent,
earnestly asunder—licking dick
like it’s intelligence.
We’re gooey-bowed, I’m Jeebus kinked.
Good love makes you my sloppy
dumb elephant skin.

Ice in a rock of heat,
a halo groans on the precipice,
rosy blown and succulent.
In days the tarn plummets
by the hundreds, lagoon
bath of mammoth tongues.
Above, we were weather.

The glass of grape juice
spilled between us,
and on my knees I sucked you
through like jelly beans,
cracked and sopping white
in the skein of a moon crick.

Exhausted, you drew me
into you, a ghost of water light,
and spoke to me in duckling sips,
and told me night.

cover image based on the painting ‘Young Gardener’ by Orest Kripensky

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