00:00, SOL

#15 – Time

Time drips
through the caves of my ribcage,
pooling in newly found
crevices and canyons, whilst incessant
streams form fresh gorges.
I have forced time from my mouth,
blindly purging to erase, at my detriment;
now, time seeps through my skin,
and I wear cognisance on my torso.
Time is water, it flows
and ebbs in quiet moments,
meeting me in stillness.
Time sings in the air as I am born again
in the diaphanous morning light,
as a new childhood begins, an ego death.
The kisses of time, my personal cruelties,
litter my body;
my symbols of personhood, my badges of humanity.
My hair is the billowing mast –
I sail, and time is holding the rudder.

art by Anna Kerr

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