Might of a valorous tigress, chasing hopes up the fervescent hill,
Femininity is no hindrance to overcoming the obstacles life places before her.
She travails eclipsing her fears like the claws of a hammer pulling up a nail in the sill.
Like a mignonette with its delicious fragrance, she attracts and pulls everyone to her.

Listen to the beat of her mortar, resonating a message of her delicious meals.
Listen to the regular disturbance of her children crying aloud for attention.
She travails enveloping her own under her wings like a hen’s seal.
Like a carnivore, she devours, she defends, she rules her sanction.

Mama! Mama! Mama!  Her son cries out waving the empty gourd.
She is endowed with a fierce ocean of love and care.
In the absence of the light, she shines forth illuminating this dark world.
Like an iroko continues to thrive in the wind, so she dares.

(5) Comments

  1. blessed says:

    wow…so it

  2. Ruth C. says:

    Wonderful 💖

  3. Fred says:

    This is just amazing💙

  4. Chidinma says:

    Wow..ur full of wits

  5. Chioma says:

    I suddenly crave my moms warmth

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