Antediluvian (Epistle for the Time-Traveller)

1XX6, on the Continent of X

From evidence, in-ground, and this
The written proof, for my release;
you’ll find your wishes carried out
despite my

I turned from washing dishes (dropping
most of them) to see

the shaking of the table
As you manifest beneath.

—and you were out, and running hands
along my kitchen, cabinets,
Whipping ‘round the room, your head
As fast as moved your feet.

Your fingers dragged and jumped from these
the skirting-board,
the display case,
as though the woodwork burned, or like
it shocked you to see it so clean.

You asked for
(no food),
and saucers;
Cowrie shells, brass bowls and figures;
And afterwards
instead of taking them below the tablecloth
You thrust into my arms
this obligation.

But may I probe Necessity
in this the curious task you’ve set me
(Exacting in your execution as in your haste you seemed)?
Though you may feel its sting in future
It is to me, now, still unformed
why I’ve wrapped and buried “loot” here
with a note to mark the hoard?

Ever inquisitive, Jade is a student of English at the University of St Andrews who aims to distill a mixture of emotions and perspectives, as well as provoke further thought and exploration, through her writing. She has a passion for storytelling, admires detailed worldbuilding, and enjoys filmmaking and DIY projects in her spare time.

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