Observations in a weird world

I am not going to go into why the world is weird, because if one rationalises the essence of the world it ceases to be weird, absurd and beautiful.

Maybe it isn’t the lighting, colours and symmetry that makes the world beautiful.

Sometimes it is the small defects, the imperfections that lead to aesthetic perfections.

If everything was perfect all the time, then everything would be the same all the time leading to a completely sensical world.

But everything in this world is nonsensical.

People look to God, science and the arts for clarity in such a world, yet the people who have accepted the nonsensical can see the world for what it is;  naked, dark, absurd and beautiful. 

An attempt to see the world for what it is.

Shot on a camera that didn’t survive the winter between
September – January 2019-2020.

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