Poem by Anna Kerr

Morality, reason, culture and emotion characterise humanity,  

they are employed on a scale ranging from exploitation to emancipation. 

One end displays reality – 

the tyranny of the status quo. 

Candour is an anomaly  

Stillness is fleeting 

Diversity is stifled  

Aloofness is alluring;

All whilst the cracks show. 

On the other end of the scale lies utopia, 

displayed as a matter of foresight. 

It is a place of honesty; 

a place which holds all the pieces of ourselves we shrunk for others,

a place where all the miscommunications are laid out in their truth. 

If utopia is a matter of foresight as opposed to a dreamy reality 

then how will we focus our lens? 

Our tainted timelines are woven together

to form the fabric of reality,

the needle driving forward relentlessly. 

Our individual and whole corruption 

is a reflection of our cyclical history 

Of hereditary trauma 

Of repeated abuses 

Of untruth.  

Our collective memory and learned responses 

mean that I can never be singular. 

It is said that only crisis produces real change 

But crisis cannot be felt by those dizzied, blinded and locked by their own freedom. 

photography by Isabella Baxter

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