Sounds of Life

On the morning of my night
I’d create dreams never seen
I’d pay blood in cold droplets
To buy hope for my people
I become the I never been
I become us
I am a Man…
… And nature bleeds through me.

Darkness is not void
Darkness is not void
It is the fire that warms
On the dawn of a new life
The pedestal that holds
The light of life sway.

I will be waiting
Heart in hand
I will be waiting
Gaze locked upon
These pulsating shadows I will be
Till my salvation like rushing wind
Billows through these trees
And wafts its way cunningly
By these stars on poles
Kiss those lips and eyes
You have kept from me
Blow high and blow low
And by heaven, find its way to me

Say hi and never look back
These streets hold promises
For you
Bundle up your existence
In a bag and bedeck it in Your brows
Youthman! Eko waits for you There’s
jive in the air
Hustlers in the sun
Robbers in the light
Preachers in the dark
There’s love!
That you’d never see
Yet if you’re crazy
It just could be
But there’s life, turn youthman!
There’s life.


photographs by Amaremo Elaebi,
poetry by Brahms Animashaun

(3) Comments

  1. Vovwe Enyoyi says:

    Wow!!! I love the piece and the way the pictures taken have such a difference about them and fit well into the writings properly depicting the youthman…
    I am a youthman, it might be hard but there is life and I will breathe…. Thank you King Eli🙇🏾

  2. Chibuikem Obasi says:

    this is really great, amazing & quality content

  3. KOD Ajayi says:

    These are indeed some nice view and good vibes that best express the silhouette. Good job .

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