Deep Thoughts

She left me unknowingly,
Leaving me distasteful,
Leaving me wistful,
Leaving me single again,
Again, I’m punished by love!

She left no goodbye notes,
No goodbye kiss,
Not even a peck on the forehead,
Yet again I’m disturbed,
Disturbed by the memories she left behind.

I promised to love you forever,
To never replace you.
But loneliness has become my companion,
Should I scour for another lover?
Again, I’m punished by love!

When will I see you again?
When will I behold your utmost beauty?
When will I waltz with you?
When will I hear your beautiful laughter?
Beloved, I’m punished by love again!

Beloved, I’m 70, old and gray.
Waiting for death to come take me too.
Honey, we planned to die together.
But death is so cruel, it took you first.
I’m punished by love again.
I will wait for death to come.
Just like I waited and suffered to have you.
You will forever be mine!

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