00:00, SOL

Mate, where are u?

Why are you here?
And how could it have taken you so long,
To get here?
Did you forget the way,
did you misremember, miss-recall,
Where my car was parked,
What colour curtains I had,
Which window was mine?
Don’t wait for me to message you,
Don’t text me at all.
Call me.
Don’t waste time, picking up the phone,
Listening to the dial tone,
Waiting for me to answer.
Turn up at my door.
Don’t knock on my door,
You’re already on the wrong side,
Don’t walk down my stairs, don’t turn right, through the hall
Stay a while, in the kitchen, drinking tea, then wine,
then tea again.
Better yet, stay in my bed,
Or really, better than that,
Remain in my head.
I’ll miss you if you go.

art by Alcira Hava

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