A Teenage Brain on Antidepressants

My soul is crushed like a hard candy shell
The universe sprinkled with dots of my pain
Consciousness spreading, disappearing, existing
A life without meaning is one lived in vain

I doubt, therefore I think
I feel pain, so I exist
Eyes closed, hurtling through space
Passing times once thought missed

Pupils long for the gaping abyss
Eyes open, we take in the light
Mouth closed, breath in crumpled pink bags
Teeth clenched, stars absorbed with night

My hand shrinks, fingers elongating
Electrons firing in my brain
Heart sinks, dipped in icy flames
Fireworks rewiring bygone pain

Day’s summer sun rises, my soul does not
Venus twinkles in unreality
Clouds float dreaming unaware
Is this what it’s like to simply be?

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