The Relentless Evolution of Consciousness

After hearing stories of mine and my friend’s existential lamentations about the ever-changing landscape of our futures, relationships and friendships, my mother has concluded that our generation thinks too much. With our ever-expansive database of knowledge provided to us by the internet, we have become the most connected generation in history, with access to the most amount of information than ever before. This, naturally, has led to an expanse in our understanding of human individualism, resulting in greater acceptance and inclusiveness as we strive to progress. Yet, this has also lead to us being labelled the ‘snowflake generation’ and overly attuned. Are we overly attuned, or is this increase in introspection out of our control?

Clearly, an evolution of consciousness has occurred in the grand scheme of humanity. We have developed deeper levels of conversance, going from caveman to the modern intellect. Evolution itself has evolved — it is no longer merely about the survival of the fittest. It seems that human beings have evolved to a point where we don’t need to conform to certain roles with only reproduction and survival in mind.

This has allowed for more mobility in focusing on our individuality and mental wellbeing, and we generally have more open conversations regarding these matters. In retrospect, we are the pinnacle of acceptance and progression. 

However, as we continue this evolution of consciousness and acceptance, more marginalised groups who need liberation and acceptance will come to light; we will always be at a point where growth is necessary. The definition of equality is ever-changing, so at what stage, if ever, will the human race feel fully liberated from the curses and roles we have been prescribed by our history of discrimination, gender roles and dictatorial figures? Progress will always be striven for – it is ingrained in our nature as a species – and there will always be oppressed people, needing their voice to be heard. 

At the end of this evolution of consciousness, surely we are striving for utopia… Yet utopia will never be achievable as a species; humanity’s need for constant progress means we will never fulfil our potential. We can only feel a form of satisfaction with our progress, and accept that our imperfect species will never reach utopia.

Art by: Quinn Fagersten

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