I am a romantic today

I am a romantic today. 
And with every eye I 
And iridescent smile I 
My heart seizes and squeaks. 
My pupils tango with the breath of baby pink optimism
That floats like lavender milk –
Sweet and young,
On my palms. 
I am a child 
Whose fingertips 
Brush that saturated poster;
The one that leaves sticky evidence 
Of white wall and clear adhesive incompatibility. 
Pink cherub, 
You who plucks 
The fatty harp strings 
That line my ribcage. 
Ring your plum naivety into my ears, 
And burst this swelling vestige of daydreams into 
A gooey culmination of bubblegum and butterflies.
Some influx of excitement, 
That 11 year old fantasy and
18 year old nightmare. 
I wish it were you who followed through 
On your mawkish
And not the cloaked author 
Of intestinal angst-
The hated dissatisfied quibbler. 
You darling weaver of myth,
I may have scorned this opera
For eons before but, 
Today I float 
Upon each 
Gorgeous dot 
That smiles 
On your C Major scale.

Photographs by Alcira Hava

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