The World’s Worst Magician and Other Drawings

This collection of sketches brings together representations of ideas or elements typically associated with magic,
from the stars and the sky, to cats and wise men.
The central piece, The World’s Worst Magician,
picks up the historical trend of connecting life-changing events to magic,
in a way that is both ironic and moving.
The final compilation of all the sketches and their overall delicate style
invite the viewer to connect with their younger self, and to reflect again on how magic speaks to their present self.

The World’s Worst Magician

Sketches by Shona MacPherson. Text and cover image by the Editorial Team.

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  1. Anjali De Silva says:

    Outstanding sketches by Shona MacPherson, a talented developing artist. Shona combines wit and satire to great effect using a variety of artistic techniques ranging from the realistic to abstract.

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