As I Watch

as i watch the world pass by outside my window

(and by world, i mean

the seven screaming seagulls

that seem to survive only off my negative emotions

rather than a diet of fish and scraps from the burger place below)

as i watch the world go by,

i think about my want.

i want to write you a love story

a story of my love

(for you)

but really all i can think about is the fact that

the pillow on your side of the bed

retains your smell

and it will fade completely soon

so every second i don’t spend 

with my face buried in that fabric

is wasted time.

my room is littered with your love:

the mug you bought me because i broke my favourite

last week,

the plant you gave me to shut me up,

the lamp you sent me a week into our 


the diffuser i got myself that you didn’t like

but i wanted something that was mine and only mine,

the muffins you left me that i can’t eat without

crying (just a little bit, just for you),

the wasted plastic bag your birthday present came in,

i will throw it out i promise.

how can i write when my head is cloudy and

my thoughts are sinking beneath the weight of

everything you left behind.

Art by Desiree Finlayson

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